Pregnant woman with oversized belly laid her stomach on the couch, now pay close attention to the movement of the baby inside

It is always considered a blessing when you are given a chance to be a parent and that being a parent is one of the best feelings you will ever feel in your lifetime. For moms, baby bumps are always a part of a pregnancy it represents the unborn child inside the belly and some people just can’t help themselves but to take pictures of their growing bellies as a remembrance.

This mannerism may not be applicable for everybody, but there are some who are fond of doing this for some reason. That being said, the internet has gone crazy when they saw a video of pregnant woman who filmed her tummy as she lay down to get some rest.

However, without her knowledge something had happen that totally shocked everyone including her.

The video starts out with with the mother taking a moment of rest and relaxation. Then, suddenly when the mother coughed a few times, you can clearly see her belly moving as if her unborn child is ready to come out of her mother’s tummy anytime.

We all have seen unborn children move in their mother’s stomach multiple times before, but we are sure it is not as amazing as this. Watch the video below.

SOURCE: Newsner