Pretty cop from Zamboanga wows netizens with her looks

The job of a police is never easy. They often have to give up their time, strength and even risk their own life for the welfare of their country. Their selflessness is really beyond imagination given the stress that they get from their job.

Police Officer 1 Jane Lee from Zamboanga Police force however proves that no matter how much stress a cop gets from their job, one can still manage to look as gorgeous as she is.

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Currently, Lee is a police relations personnel of the Regional Public Safety Battalion 9 based in the city and is a proud mother of four children.

In a report by Kicker Daily, Lee is now dubbed by FHM as one of the most beautiful lady cops in the country .

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Jane recalls that her father who was also a cop first opposed her dream of being a police officer. But, when she reached 30, she managed to convince her father to follow his footsteps.

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“He didn’t want my siblings and me to experience what he had gone through when he joined the service; he said it was tough and he was afraid that we wouldn’t be able to make it,” Jane said in her interview with FHM.

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“I was already 30 years old when I finally convinced him and joined the force. I can say I was lucky to be able to do it,” Jane added.

Jane became a hot topic online after she was featured in a video FHM posted about the prettiest faces in the police force.

Here is the full video: