Pretty dishwasher girl in Vietnam goes viral

Are you trying yo find the perfect wife? Then this girl could be the one for you.

A 24-year old Vietnamese girl named Nguyen Thi Hai Yen has become the main topic all over the internet world when a photo of herself washing dishes in spite of her stunning good looks has caught attentions from many and is spreading like wildfire online.

On the first photo, you can see Nguyen looking happy as she is washing those dirty dishes and was nice enough to smile for the camera.

On the second photo which can be seen below,  Nguyen is seen as she is trying to cook something basing on the things that are present right in front of her.

Many were shocked about these photos as many believe that Nguyen at first glance is a girl who came from a rich family and knows nothing about real house work.

Many netizens claimed that Nguyen is too pretty just wash dishes. However, this only proves that not all pretty girls are that overly dramatic with it comes on doing stuff.

In fact, she  has been working on her parents’ restaurant ever since she was just 14 years old. Probably why she seems to be that comfortable when doing things like washing dishes.

Nguyen is currently studying at the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology while she still continues to lend her parents a helping hand running their restaurant.

She does not only have a pretty face as her asset, but she can also be a perfect wife to somebody as she is just too good to be true.

SOURCE: Viral4Real