Pretty girl earns praises after proudly sharing photos with average-looking boyfriend on Facebook

Many people love to admire those who has a face that resembles a good looking person obviously and believe that if ever they will find a lover someday, it is some kind of an unofficial requirement to find someone who matches your beautiful face.

This believe is more likely suited for girls, as they are the ones who usually have these traits and that people around them love to talk about.

However, a netizen with a name Kwan Dii Kwan Dii may not believe such thing as she recently posted several photos of herself together with her boyfriend and is now gaining attention social media.

Some of you may think that there is nothing wrong that and we agree, but some of you might change your mind once you see the pictures. But that aside, love cannot be measured by the ones physical appearance just like what this woman proved by proudly posting their photos on Facebook.

Some netizen pointed out that the guy hit the jackpot with his gorgeous girlfriend and some also praised the woman for posting their happy moments together and is not shy to show the world her love for her other half.

SOURCE: OnlineTrending