Pretty Russian woman marries Chinese coal miner for love despite not having too much money, car, flat

These days relationships are more practical than the usual. Nowadays, most women prefer marrying a wealthy man probably to support all their needs in life and sometimes, the thing we know as love is no longer existing in a relationship, but having financial stability is more important.

The same cannot be said about Sophia a 22-year old Russian woman who just recently got married to a 28-year old Chinese coal miner named Chen Jingyang.


As we all know, a coal miner is not as financially stable as some of the other profession. However, it didn’t stop Sophia to gave her heart out and decided to exchange vows with Chen Jingyang last Saturday. The wedding was just a simple feast for their family and friends at a hotel in Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province.

Sophia came to the border city of Heihe to study Chinese five years ago. According to Sophia, it didn’t take her a long time to fall in love with its people and culture. After college, she was able to speak Mandarin fluently and decided to stay in China rather than going back to Russia.

In the second half of last year, the couple finally met through the mobile app WeChat. Whenever Chen is done with his work, he spend all his time chatting with Sophia and soon enough got her falling for him.

After dating for half of a year, Chen proposed marriage, and Sophia said yes. Although the couple is not as financially stable as others, but they have proved that wealth is not everything.


Beautiful Russian Woman Marries Chinese Coal Miner Despite Having No Money, Car or House!

Chen later quit his job as a coal mine worker and is going to n to visit Sophia’s home in Russia for a formal ceremony in April. The couple is planning to start a business Russia and travel back and forth between their two home countries.

SOURCE: ShanghaiList