Programmer proposes to girlfriend using 25 pieces of iPhone X

Techie people, especially millenials are hyped when the news of the new iPhone X broke on the internet. Given its advanced features, at $999, is it really worth the price?

Some may have their doubt but it sure is a different case with this Chinese man who bought not only 1 but 25 pieces of the iPhone X, all to be used during his extravagant proposal to his girlfriend of two years.

Kicker Daily reported that Chen, a computer programmer, planned the lavish proposal with his girlfriend’s sister and some of their mutual friends. Hoping to surprise his girl and receive her sweet “yes”, Chen went all out during his proposal.

The couple met a few years ago and were both self-confessed fans of video games.

For the surprise proposal, first on the list is a custom-made ring. Then, it was the 25 pieces of iPhone X, 25 because the girl identified by the last name Lee will be turning 25 years old this year.

Over scattered petals of roses, the iPhones was arranged resembling the shape of a heart. At the center of the heart, the ring was located.

When the unsuspecting Lee arrived in the venue of the surprise, Chen immediately went down on his knees and popped the question. Overwhelmed by the gesture, Lee immediately said “Yes”.

The question now is, what would she do with the 25 iPhone X?

The overjoyed Chen decided to hand over the iPhones to Lee’s sisters and their friends as gifts after she said “yes”.

They indeed are so lucky.