Proud son posted father’s old handwritten thesis and it goes viral

In today’s modern world, only a few of the population doesn’t own a computer and those who own one sometime take it for granted and just uses it to play games, surf the internet or use it as a pass time by using social media platforms.

Though all of these are true,  computers can also be use to help someone publish their school and office works in an easy way. However, there was a time when computers are non-existent and that you yourself had to be patient and write down all of your reports and researches by hand just to have your work reach the deadline.

With all that said, a netizen named Randel Tablada awed many netizens when he posted a photo of his father’s old engineering thesis from the year 1982, but unlike all of the thesis you’ve seen which either were typewritten or computerized, every content of his thesis were all handwritten. If that doesn’t amazed you, we don’t know what will.

The thesis was shown to have at least 170 pages and all of its content were amazingly written by hand. From the Preface up until the end of the thesis, the whole entire book was only made by using a pen and Engr. Almar Tablada’s incredible penmanship.

If this is being done today, many probably won’t have the patient to finish it, let alone getting started. But during the time of Randel’s dad it was their one and only choice.

Then a BS Mechanical Engineering student Almar Tablada began writing his thesis by hand at very start of the semester, in which he revealed that he spent his weeknights working hard on the theses from 10:00pm to 2:00am.

Of course, Engr. Tablada had to be careful while writing the thesis just to make sure that he wouldn’t make any mistakes or else he’ll pay for it by rewriting the entire page all over again.

Engr. Almar later revealed that the thesis his son posted on Twitter was just one of the two thesis he wrote by hand for the course and also revealed that the one posted by Randel was about a coal fired power plant, but he also said that he also wrote about a combined electric power plant and hydro electric plant.

Now, Engr. Tablada who works at the Bureau of Equipment of the Department of Public Works in Highways in Naguilian, Isabela claimed that he was surprised that he’s son posting his old handwritten thesis became viral on the internet and that he felt proud that his thesis is still looking good as new even after all those years.

SOURCE: Definitely Filipino