Proud wife finds true love with an average guy

People of today are really very particular when it comes to the way you look and how you look in front of others. In  simpler words, you are automatically judged just by the color of you complexion. Wherein most of the time, when you are in a relationship, once the people have seen that you’re somehow not a “match” to your partner just by the way you look, you are then criticized by a lot and sometimes, without you knowing it.

However, there are still some who don’t mind the physical appearance and just show their love in public no matter what other people would say. Just like with the woman who wanted to stop the stereotyping and posted photos of herself together with her husband.

Just by looking at their picture, their color is really that far from each other. And that made others to say that her husband doesn’t really matches her looks, for they would say the guy isn’t really that good-looking and has a dark skin, but the woman claims that she love him even more for that.

Dengs San Pedro is the woman who doesn’t really care about what others would say. She intentionally shared their photos on social media and as expected many had bashed her husband for not being exactly a “match” for her. But it was clearly seen that Dengs is happy with her husband.

They are already together as husband and wife but still as their photos were shared, they are still being told to have a break-up for they aren’t a match. But Dengs is just one of a kind woman who fight for her love despite all the criticisms thrown to her and her husband.

This story is something that we should be proud and be inspired of because in this world full of judgmental minds and prejudices, there are still people like them who would continue to fight for their love no matter what. After all, love isn’t weigh according to your looks but on the love you have for each other.

Source: Viral 4 Real