“Puberty challenge” is not yet over, this young boy amazingly turns into a beautiful woman

Our high school days are undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable experiences that we have in our lives. It involves the happiest, sweetest and yet the saddest moments of our past.

This viral story of a young boy who was once ‘bullied’ in his high school days has indeed captured the hearts of many netizens. From a simple young boy, he now turned to be one of the most stunning and head-turning beauty queens. After seeing her photos online, many netizens went crazy and are planning to meet her in person. Her name is Marion Pasa.

Marion Pasa, during her highschool days, wearing her boy’s uniform

The said viral post is popularized on social media by the Hugot Beki FB Page, which captioned the post as, “Baka ‘yung binu-bully mo noon, pangarap mo na ngayon. #PubertyChallenge (c) Marion Pasa.”

This is Marion now in her great and ‘total transfomartion’ <3

Most of the netizens who have seen her big ‘transformation’ were like left ‘floating’ in the air, as the unbelievable shift happened very ‘impossibly’. They claimed that that at first they cannot believed that this kind of major transformation may happen in real life. And, it is therefore very astonishing!

Beauty is really in the eye of someone who beholds it. Even if the gays or the so-called ‘beki’ people didn’t undergo a ‘gender reassignment surgery’ (sex change), we could therefore claimed that they are still ‘beautiful’ just the way they are. But, we can’t still belittle the fact that Marion’s total transformation has indeed ‘rocked’ the Filipino netizens today.

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