A real HUMAN! Meet the real face of SIRI

To all iPhone users out there, have you ever wondered what the voice behind Siri looked like? Or how old is she? Or what made her become Siri’s voice?

Well, allow us to answer all those questions for you by introducing you to the woman behind the iconic voice that made the breakthrough in technology even more meaningful.

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Meet the now 68-year-old Susan Bennett, an American voice-over artist. The female American voice of Apple’s Siri ever since the personal assistant service was introduced on the iPhone 4s on October 4, 2011.

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According to Susan, she remembers recording a new project in July of 2005 for a text-to-speech company called ScanSoft. The project was said to be for a phone-messaging system, but it turns out it was the basis for what would become Siri, two years before the original iPhone even came out.

The origin of Siri’s name is also explained, with Bennett stating that Dag Kittlaus — a co-creator of Siri who has now left Apple to found Viv — had originally planned to name his daughter Siri. His wife eventually ended up having a boy, so Kittlaus used the girl’s name for Apple’s smartphone assistant instead. She also added that in Norwegian, Siri means “beautiful woman who guides you to victory.”

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Eventually, Bennett discovered that she was the voice of the ever-present voice assistant in the iPhone beginning in October 2011, and admitted that “it was a little creepy.” She decided to stay quiet about her role for two years, finally revealing herself in a CNN interview in 2013. That same year, Apple ended up removing all of Bennett’s voice work from Siri and replacing her with someone else within the completely redesigned iOS 7 update.

Watch the video of Bennett below: