Real Reason Why The “Thankful Reaction” Is Brought Up On Facebook

Everyone was so surprised when they saw the “purple flower” reaction appeared on Facebook this past weekend. Many assumed that the flower reaction was brought up due to Mother’s Day taking place that weekend to honor every mother in the world, but that was not the real case.

According to Mirror, the main reason why the flower reaction was brought up was due to its unprecedented success in recent years.

It turns out that this had a major impact on engagement and interaction for the site and could translate into a huge advertising space. That simply means that the innocent looking emoji was really intended to put money inside the advertisers’ pocket.

This strategy was honestly pretty smart by the advertisers. Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world and by offering an innocent little reaction giving people the chance to show their appreciation to their mothers and at the same time also making a fortune in adverting revenue.

Due to its success last weekend, the purple flower reaction could possibly make a return next year and will be made available for UK users who celebrate Mother’s Day.

So why it’s gone too soon? Simply because the Mother’s Day in the Philippines is over.

Source: Unilad