VERY REALISTIC painting left every one’s mouth wide open

Artists from all over the world have different ways of expressing themselves through their work of art. Some through singing, dancing, painting, sculpting and the list goes on and on. These people are given the talent in order for them to share it to the rest of the world and somehow be that refuge that the people need in order to survive through their daily struggle.

This Japanese artist, however took his God-given talent to a whole new level.

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Osamu Obi paints 3-Dimensional oil paintings that are just to good to be true. He was born in 1965 at Kanagawa, Japan. He has won numerous awards for his amazing paintings all throughout the years.

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Osamu recently became viral on the Internet after he posted on his Facebook page through a series of images the whole process of doing his painting.

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In the post, Osamu shared how an amazing work of art is made. How a boring piece of canvass could instantly turn into something that is pleasing to the eyes.

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You can really see that Osamu puts his heart on his work through the said post.

Netizens were amazed with Osamu’s work that his post went viral with almost 39,000 reactions and thousands of comments from people who praise his work.

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Osamu invites everyone who plan to visit Japan to also take their time to visit his artworks which will be displayed at Hoki Museum from November 2017 to Novemer 2020. The artist also said that many other realism paintings by other Japanese artists are also on display in the Hoki Museum.

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