Remember that cute little girl from “Karate Kid”? Here’s how she looks right now

Watching movies are probably one of the best pastimes anyone could have. There are many kinds of movies out there to choose from depending on our taste of story and characters. But, despite all the movies one have watched, there would really be that one movie that you could consider your favorite and you wouldn’t mind watching it over and over and over again.

As for me, it would be the 2010 movie, Karate Kid which stars Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. The story is about a Karate master trying to teach a kid about the world of Karate and a so called “jacket technique” which the lead star, Jackie Chan suggested himself to be part of the story line.

We are all well aware of how Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith are doing now because they continued to be on the spotlight even after the massive hit movie.

Karate Kid stars transformed

Now, hardly seven years after the release of the movie, let us take a look at another favorite character from the Karate Kid Movie, Jaden Smith’s love interest, Meiying. When the movie was first released in 2010 Meiying instantly gained fame and became the top crush of teenagers during that time.

Karate Kid stars transformed

Meiying, in real life is known as Wenwen Hang. She is now 22 years old and is happily residing at China. She trained as a dancer and violinist before she began her acting career. Many Karate Kid fans were amazed with her transformation from the kid to the beautiful lady that she is now.

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Her fans are also slowly piling up her social media accounts. She has over 10,000 followers on Twitter and over 90,000 on Instagram.