Remember Danilo Barrios? He is now living like a king as a wealthy businessman

Danilo Barrios is one of the members of the known dance group in 90’s which was called The Streetboys. Among them are the actors/hosts Vhong Navarro and Jhong Hilario of Showtime show now. They were really so famous in their time and now some of the members are no longer known where they have been or what they were up to.

Now, Danilo Barrios’ fans were happy upon knowing an update about his life now. Showbiz na Showbiz channel reported how Danilo Barriors became inactive in showbiz since his break-up with viva hot babes dancer, Jaycee Parker. According to them, he’s only here in the Philippines all along.

It was found out that Danilo Barrios is a family man now. He was able to marry a business woman whose wealth is said to be same with Vicky Belo. Their products are so much in demand and well known in different online shops. They also have some celebrity endorsers like Dianna Meneses.

Danilo Barrios is the president of their products “Tatiomax Flawless Beauty and Care Pharmaceutical”. And their clinic is personally owned by his wife Regina Barriors. He is just living a happy and wealthy life together with his wife and kids now.

He’s also doing his job well as a father to his kids.

Danilo is just one of those celebrities who left showbiz for good and spend most of the time with their families. As they say, showbiz isn’t really permanent for everyone so, Danilo had just a great decision to spend his precious time with family.