Remember Ex-PBB Teen Clash housemate Fretzie Bercede? This is her now!

Pinoy Big Brother show here in the Philippines had already helped a lot to those who wished to become actresses and actors. Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, James Reid, and Melai Cantiveros are some of the popular products of the show. The show is somehow the gateway of the aspiring actresses and actors of the country.

Many are already enjoying their fame after their exposure in PBB but some still chose to keep their lives in private. Just like with the Ex-PBB Teen Clash Housemate Fretzie Bercede. She was announced as the third placer of their batch wherein James Reid was declared as winner. Among their batch are Devon Seron, Ivan Dorschner, Ryan Bang and Bret Jackson.

Bercede, who was a 16-year-old that time, was blessed with wealth, beauty, and a conservative family. Because of her charming beauty, she was surrounded with many suitors but preferred to have non yet.

Inside Big Brother’s house, she was actually being paired with Patrick Sugui, Jackson, Dorschner, and even Reid. Even if she had a lot of guesting, she chose to go back to her hometown to continue her studies. She earned a degree in Political Science in a school in Cebu.

Now, as 23-year-old, she is enjoying travelling to different parts of the country.

Watch the video here to know more about Fretzie’s present life:

She may not have her acting career, but she is so much successful of the path she have chosen.

SOURCE: Kicker Daily News