Remember that Indonesian kid who smokes 40 cigarettes per day? He looks better now!

We all have that one addiction we can’t really get enough of. Whether it’s food, gaming or even drugs and alcohol, a little too much of these things can sometimes be very harmful if we overdid it. Having said that, have you wonder on what happened to that Indonesian kid who went viral after seeing him smoking cigarettes?

An Indonesian kid named Ardi Razi made headlines after videos of him smoking a stick of cigarette went viral. For a 2-year old kid, this is not even considered healthy, but this kid did it and he’s believed to smoke around 40 cigarettes a day.

His viral photos of him puffing smoke caused outrage to the Indonesian government forcing them to take strict actions against childhood smoking.

After seeing all of these, the Indonesian was soon sent to rehab to help him overcome this awful smoking addictions. He was sent to Jakarta where he went under therapy for two weeks. When the treatment was all set and done, Ardi’s mother kept him busy by playing with toys and has found a new addiction we called food. He was also thought about what the risk of smoking can do to ones health and finally learns how to say “no” to a stick of cigarette.


Unfortunately, his addiction junk foods caused to him an obese by the time he was 6 years of age and he was dangerously overweight. As the photo below indicates.

Thankfully, his parents hired a nutritionist to teach him how to eat balance diet which he did and this is what he looks like now.

Not too shabby is he? Ardi can be an inspiration to anyone who wants to quit whatever addiction or bad habits in life. If a kid like him can do it, we are sure you can too.

SOURCE: Sarcasm