Remember Roi Vinzon? Here is how he lives now!

In a small farm in Pampanga, the then sought after villain in action cinemas, Roi Vinzon is living a peaceful and simple life. At 65-years-old, Vinzon still looks nifty while overseeing his small farm.

He told GMA News that his parents were farmers and they were the ones who introduced him to farming. Various products are produced form his farm like sugarcane, rice and corn.

Far from the glitz and glamour of show business, Roi enjoys the quiet atmosphere of the province. He shares that he finds peace of mind every time he sets foot on his humble farmland.

Roi Vinzon or Roi David in real life was the youngest of 3 siblings. He was born and raised in Pampanga.

Roi also showed his ancestral home which was built way back in 1925. In the living room, posters of Roi’s movies can be seen on the wall. It serves as his memorabilia of his “glory days”. Photos of Roi’s family, his wife and children are also displayed in their living room for everyone to see.

We know Roi through the many movies he made through the years that made his mark on Philippine showbiz. However, we do not know him as an ordinary person, this is why his children shares a little peek of how their father treats them.

Jam Vinzon, Roi’s daughter shares that her father is a caring person, despite his showbiz and farmlife, he still sees to it that he spends time with his family as they are his most precious posession.

Tom Vinzon, Roi’s son also shares that his father is very loving and he helps him everytime he chooses an outfit.

Our favorite stars, despite being busy on their showbiz life are also living their lives as ordinary individuals just like anyone of us.

Watch the full video of Roi Vinzon’s interview here: