Retired public school Math teacher choose to pick up garbage as his new profession

Being a teacher is one of the most noble profession that teachers are being respected all over the world. There is even a saying that no other profession would be possible without teachers. This is why being a teacher is such a fulfilling  job, especially when you see your students succeed in their own way.

A retired teacher from Mandaue City in Cebu is now making rounds online after he discovered a somehow peculiar profession to make money even after his retirement.

He is Emmanuel Briones, 75-years-old or more known at Umapad dumpsite as “Sir Maning.”

ABS-CBN News reported that since Briones retired from being a Mathematics teacher from different public schools in Toledo City, Western Cebu, he became a “garbage trader” in the dumpsite located at Mandaue City.

All that he earns from garbage trading are spent on his daily expenses. What served as his home is a small hut he made out of things he got from the dumpsite just like an old bath tub which now serves as his bed. Briones also has a monthly pension which also aids in his expenses.

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The retired teacher says that he even uses Math now because he has to budget the money he gains in order to sustain his needs.

Briones has a wife and five children which were all in Toledo and he chose to be away from them because he often gets in an argument with his wife.

However, he never fails to give money to his family. One of his children even say that their father visits them often and they repeatedly persuaded him to come back and stay with them but it was of no avail.

Briones was firm in his decision of being away from his family and work hard to provide for them.