Retired soldier is nowhere to live after relatives allegedly claim his monthly pension

Soldiers are the brave people who risk their own lives just to protect their country. They have to endure the pain of not being able to see their families for a long time and the possible risk of not being able to see their families again.

When a soldier retires from his job, it sure is a happy moment for the family because they can now spend more time with their family member who was not able to be with them for a long time. However, it is a sad truth that there are some families who prefer to take the hard earned money of a soldier and use it to their advantage.

Just like in the case of one retired soldier who is now living in the streets after his monthly pension was reportedly taken by his heartless relatives and left him with nothing.

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Definitely Filipino identified the veteran as Retired M. Sgt. Narciso Alpas who served on the 356 ES of the 355th Aviation Engineering wing of the Philippine Air Force before he became part of the 710 Special Operations Wing of PAF, an elite combined unit of the Philippine Air Force.

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The All About the Philippines Facebook page says in its post that the pitiful veteran has been living in the streets for a long time already and he could no longer name the relative who claims his pension. He had somehow forgotten the name of the relative because of the suffering he has gone through while trying to live in the streets.

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A retired Msg/CPO like him receives PHP 29,945 monthly pension plus another PHP 14,972.50 a month for the long pay according to the AFP Finance Center. Such amount could properly support the retiree’s needs.

Considering how hard the life of a soldier is, it is so heartbreaking to see someone who risked their life for their country to be suffering this way.