Richard Gutierrez teaches woman her lesson she will never forget after questioning the sexuality of baby Zion

Fathers, being the foundation of the family are the ones who protect their family members from any harm that the people around them may cause. Regardless of status in life, profession and looks, fathers will always be the knights in shining armor when someone tries to mess around their family.

Just like what famous actor Richard Gutierrez did when a basher tried to ridicule his 4-year-old son, Zion.

Being the famous celebrity that he is, Richard together with his to-be-wife, Sarah Lahbati constantly posts pictures of their family trips on various social media platforms for their fans to get updated on their family life.

However, its not just the fans who are checking out the social media accounts of celebrities, bashers can also be found everywhere.

Just like this certain basher who commented on a photo of Richard and Zion on their father-and-son moment shared by Sarah through her Instagram account. The photo was taken during their family trip to Eskaya Beach Resort. In the photo, it can be seen that Richard is teaching his son how to punch.

In an article by Ur Daily Journal, a basher with the instagram account, @shairacarduza brazenly commented an offending statement pertaining to the little boy’s gender. She wrote, “Ay nako bakla yata tong batang to hahaha.”


Given the paternal instinct to protect your loved ones, Richard came to the rescue of his son the “supremo” way.

Instead of commenting back on the photo, he went to the Instagram account of the said basher and commented on one of her photos. Richard did not restrict himself from using mean words to @shairacarduza.

Here is how is comment went, “Go f*ck yourself bitch!!!”


It sure was surprising given the status of Richard as a famous celebrity. However, we can’t blame him for being the protective father to his son.