Road rage goes wrong after female Honda Civic owner slaps old taxi driver

Manners can’t be bought. How a person treats others is a mirror as to how well-mannered they are. You need not to be rich or gorgeous or intelligent in order to be well-mannered. One only has to know how to respect the rights of others so that the same respect may be reciprocated too.

However, this trending girl who took social media by storm somehow forgot her manners at home when she tried to deal with a traffic incident in Quezon City.


A girl named Cherish Sharmaine Interior is now trending online after videos of her reportedly “slapping” the driver of a taxi went viral online. Interior is traced to be an employee of VXI PH.

The said slapping video was recorded by a netizen named Anthony Enriquez. The incident happened reportedly when Interior’s car was caught in a traffic altercation with a taxi.

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In the video, it can be seen that Interior was cursing at the driver while her husband looks on.

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Moments later, the taxi driver went out of his car and was holding on to the left part of his face in a gesture of pain. The Facebook page “Concern Mo, Post Mo” said that the driver of the taxi previously suffered from a stroke that is why he has difficulty in walking as seen in the video. His blood pressure also surged up because of the incident.

Netizens reacted to the said story saying that Interior and his husband could have resolved the incident in a good manner as they are both professionals.

Watch the video of the incident below: