Sarahah user warns on how he almost lost his Facebook account because of the app

The internet has been going crazy for the last couple of days since the app known as Sarahah appeared out of nowhere and became an instant trend to many social media users. Basically, it is an anonymous messaging app which you can message anyone and tell them anything as you please.

Despite of this app’s popularity, there is one netizen who expressed his concern regarding the popular application and how hackers use this as a tool to easily hacked in any of the users’ personal information.

A Facebook user named Earl John Vendivil Oliviveros shared his terrifying experience and warns anyone who uses the app to stop from using it.

According to his story, Oliveros claimed that he installed the app to join a bandwagon of Sarahah users and joined in the craze, but as the time goes by he began noticing his Facebook becoming laggy until it became unusable for a moment.

The photo you see above is said to be his phone lagging due to the usage of the Sarahah app. Moreover, he then tried lagging in his Facebook account into a different device and had this message when he tried to logged in.

Fortunately for Oliveros, he was able to retrieve his Facebook with the help of his email. After that’s done, Oliveros then uninstalled the Sarahah app and claimed that his phone was running well after the uninstall. He then warns anyone who uses Sarahah to stop it and avoid such thing to happen.

On the sidenote, a report by IndianExpress sort of supports Oliveros’ claimed for they have stated that the popular app has been found to harvest and upload all email addresses and phone numbers in the app’s server.

This new app sounds alarming and users should just stop using it just to be safe.