Scariest bridge in the United States leaves motorists with panic attacks

People have different kinds of likes and dislikes. Some are not fond of Snakes, Cockroaches, Spiders, while some are most afraid of heights.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge reaches nearly 200 feet high at its tallest point and spans more than four miles in length. People are having a hard time passing through this bridge because it isn’t like any ordinary bridge.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge is such a wonder when it was created and still remains as such until today.

In 1947, the General Assembly, under the leadership of Governor Lane, passed legislation to begin the bridge construction. It opened to motorists in July 30, 1952.

The construction cost was $45 Million and during that time, it was the longest continuous over-water steel structure and third longest bridge in the world.

The Bay Bridge is considered high enough to accommodate ocean-going vessels and ships and to give passengers a bird’s eye view of some beautiful scenery.

This means that while you are driving over the bridge, a massive ship can pass under you.

Many motorists traverse the bridge on a daily basis because it connects the the state’s rural Eastern Shore region with the urban Western Shore.

There are even people who rely on a special service to drive them across the bridge to and from work.

There are even drivers that are for hire to take you across the bridge and yes, these people make a living out of it. They cater to people who couldn’t tolerate to drive across the bridge.

Some even say that it does not help that the weather can change while you are in the middle of a ride and make it more scary. waves can lap up against the bridge and give you the feeling as if you’re riding a roller coaster.

Here is a video to even add up to your scare of crossing the scariest bridge:

Source: Life Aspire