Scary video shows what happens when you’re in a swimming pool and a strong quake hits

Due to a recent earthquake incident that happened in Batangas this past week, many people are still in trauma after experiencing a magnitude 5.5 earthquake on the said area.

Many then are wondering what if an earthquake strikes during a party or any gathering? This video will surely terrify you and will make you think twice of going into a pool party after witnessing the disastrous incident that happened way back April of 2015, but has been reshared by a netizen named Papa Ghiiee on Facebook.

It can be seen in the video how the water went crazy and how it almost drown the two swimmers. Luckily, nobody at that particular location got seriously injured. The earthquake struck at a magnitude of 7.8, making it the worst natural disaster Nepal has ever experienced.

Though the video is already out of date, it has still caught the eyes of many netizens and has now been shared over 12,453 times on Facebook.

Hopefully, the footage provided will remind people that an earthquake is a real threat and that it should be not taken lightly.