Security guard successfully passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers

Hardwork and determination could take you to places you’ve never known. All it takes is your drive to pursue your dream for it to come true.

This is exactly what the story of Erwin Macua is all about. Back in March 2017, Macua successfully graduated as a Cum Laude from his Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education course at Saint Theresa’s College in Cebu.

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What came as a surprise to everyone is that Macua is not just your ordinary college student, he is also a security guard at the said school for more than 17 years.

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His inspiring story went viral back in March as netizens were amazed by his determination to pursue his dream despite his age and the struggle he has to go through given that he is also the one who provides for the needs of his family while he is studying.

Macua’s perseverance was rewarded more when he successfully passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers which was held last September 2017.

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The Facebook page, Superbalita Cebu uploaded a video clip of their interview with Macua after he passed the board exam. Macua was even on duty as a security guard during the time of the interview.

When Macua was asked about his message for the people who have helped him finish his studies, he answered, “I am very thankful for them and here is where your help went to, I am now a licensed teacher. Hopefully, I will be able to use this title to help not only myself but also my children and other people who need my service”

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Macua was further asked if he plans to leave his post as a security guard, to which he answered: “Yes. I will have to leave this job for me to practice my profession as a licensed teacher.”

Macua hopes that his life story will also be an inspiration to other to never give up and continue to chase their dreams.

Watch the full video of the interview below: