Seika Samonte demonstrates how “virgin” and “pa virgin” eat ice cream

We probably speaking for everybody when say that everybody loves and screams for ice cream. In fact, due to this, we now have different variations and we can eat it in various ways.

Now having said that, Mocha Girl Seika Samonte Hashizume recently uploaded a video on her Facebook page that shows her and her friends doing different ways of eating an ice cream and by the looks of it, it can probably give every man who watches the video a hard on.

How a virgin eats an ice cream

In the photo we provided, you can see a girl slowly putting the ice cream inside her mouth, as if she is out of place or shy.

How a “pa-virgin” girl eats an ice cream

Well, like what you expect from a “pa-virgin” you can see them pretend to know nothing, although they are already experts in bed like what the girl’s expression is indicating to.

Finally, Seika demonstrate how a girl with eye defect, pertaining to her, eats an ice cream.

Watch the funny video below:

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