Shiryl Saturtino cause of death identified after the release of autopsy report

Just this past a weekend, a 29-year old businesswoman named Shiryl Saturtino passed away after undergoing a liposuction as well as breast and butt enhancement surgery at The Icon Clinic in Mandaluyong City. In Saturtino’s autopsy report, it was discovered that she has suffered from multiple organ failure due to the 3 cosmetic procedures being done at the same time.

shiryl saturnino cause of death

Shiryl Saturnino

Reports say that if Saturtino’s demise is proven to be a result of the clinic’s neglect, doctors Samuel Eric Calderon Yapjuangco, anesthesiologist Jose Jovito Cordero Mendiola and nurses Virgil Alec Ongleo, Alvin Carl Genove, and Audrey Michelle Santos will face criminal and administrative cases.

Authorities want to get their hands on Saturtino’s histopathology examination and have it prioritized at the PNP crime lab. This will give them more evidence on what was done wrong and will give them more reasons to press charges on the people involved during the surgery.

Saturnino’s medical records since her first medical procedure at The Icon Clinic in 2013 and a letter of consent signed by the victim is already in the hands of the PNP as of Thursday, March 30.

Dr. Briccio G. Alcantara, Philippine Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons Vice-President for Internal Affairs, said their group will also investigate Saturnino’s death.

As of this moment, doctors Japjuangco and Mendiola is yet to release their statement regarding the police’s most recent findings.