SHOCKING! Here’s the largest ever snake caught in the Philippines

This story is indeed of one the most shocking and terrifying story today! Watch the whole video and read the full article below!

According to the video report of Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, this gigantic phyton (or called “sawa” in Filipino) is found in the hinterlands of the beautiful and enchanted mountain ranges of Sierra Madre. It is located running in the north-south direction from the provinces of Cagayan to the north and Quezon to the south.

In a trending and viral video that made rounds into the internet recently, the “urban legend” in which a “snake”, is seen devouring a native farmer, is proven true. It happened in Indonesia, where the 25 years old farmer, whom according to his family, went to the fields and worked. He went missing for days and suddenly, when the people found a very big python (which is 7-feet long) and killed it, they found out a body of a man. And unluckily, the said man is the missing farmer.

But, the horrifying story is not yet over. There is also a “legend” that a snake (or a python) which is as “big” as the python in the Indonesia, can also be found in the Philippines. There is this viral photo which spread to the social media recently about 7 people holding a giant snake’s skin. In some researches, the said viral gigantic snake’s skin is captured last 1970 in Casiguran, Aurora.  The said photo is captured by an international Anthropologist named Thomas Headland. Headland is a Senior Antropology consultant under SIL or Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc which is founded in 1934.

According to Headland, the said snake is a Reticulated Python, which is about 75 kilos and 7 meters long. The snake is once considered as the “Third Largest Python” in the world. In an interview made by KMJS Team on some of the natives of the said linguistic community, a certain Edna said that his father was the one who has captured the python. The people in their community hunted the said snake because it was already eating their livestock and even their fellowmen. So, the people decided to hunt the snake and was able to killed it, and eventually, eat it.