Shocking interview revealed after a sex trafficker admits killing more than 400 children

In this Youtube video, this TV ‘Hardman’ Ross Kemp has investigated sex trafficking and they had managed to interview one of the most notorious traffickers in the world.

He met this trafficker named Mr. Khan, who was said to be in the business for about seven years and has already trafficked thousands of girls every year. They are going to poor communities, often Muslim or tribal and look for beautiful young girls and ladies. He also stated in the interview that the girls are being auctioned, and go to the highest bidder.

He said that on estimate, he has killed an around 400 girls already. His collaborators are certain members of the authorities, and when it looked like they were going to be captured by the police, he become under pressure and do the killings by his own hands.

The self-confessed trafficker even said that “If our bribed police can’t handle it, it goes to the CID, then we kill the girls,” saying it straight to the point seemingly without any remorse.In the said interview, the trafficker confessed that he worked as a “honeytrap,” and his work is to scout for a certain village and offer the girl and her family with amazing gifts. He will claim that he was going to take her away somewhere nice where she will just enjoy, but as soon as he had her on a train she’d be forced to take drugs. She’d wake up in a bed and be gang raped, then forced into prostitution through shame, without any chance to go back to their places.

When asked if how much does he earned in every operations they are doing, he said: “A million taka (£8500) was the most I got.”

Lastly, after the said controversial interview, Ross Kemp, through Telegraph UK, has stated this viral statement:

I’m not supposed to judge, but this was one of the times I found it very hard not to. He was trying to justify the killing of these girls by saying he would have been killed himself if he didn’t do it. He had gold rings on his fingers, a very nice car, and some bodyguards with him. After the interview I just had to say ‘get him out of my sight’. I had so much loathing for the man, I can’t tell you.

‘Human trafficking’ is just a product of capitalist system that is currently reigning in the world. And in order to get rid of this ‘evil-like’ activities that give more importance on ‘profit’ rather on the people, the world must collectively take action and get rid of this rotten system.

Source: Elite Readers, The News Journal