Could this smoke formation links to the tragic love story behind the “Legend of Mayon”?

In the Philippines, almost all forms of God-made structure have a legend behind it which explains either why it was named such or why it was located in that area. Whatever the legend may be, most of it revolve around a love story.

Recently, the people of Albay has been put on a full alert status and forced evacuations of residents are being implemented after the world-renowned Mayon Volcano erupted several times. It may already be considered a disaster for other people yet, Filipinos still find some sort of a silver lining behind all of these clouds of chaos.

What we are talking about is this viral photo which was first posted via the ABS-CBN News site. Take a look:

Mayon Volcano at alert level 3

As you can see, the dark-white colored clouds that was emitted by the Volcano can be seen to be forming the shape of a man and a woman “hugging” each other.

A netizen named Neil Edward Diaz co-related this epic shot to the Legend surrounding Mayon Volcano which is about the story of Panganoron & Magayon. Panganoron means the proud one and Magayon means the lovely one.

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The said legend which was passed on from generation to generation via word of mouth was believed to have been the origin of Mayon Volcano. The legend talks about the tragic love story of Panganoron & Magayon. The two fought for their love but Magayon was unfortunately killed during a battle.

In the place where she was laid, a mountain mysteriously appeared and is now known as the Mayon Volcano.

Read the full post below:

The Legend of the Mayon Volcano
Panganoron & Magayon
#ArtImitatesLife #LifeImitatesArt

Long ago in a place called Ibalon, there lived a beautiful maiden. Her name was Daragang Magayon (the lovely one). She was the daughter of Makusog (the strong one), chief of the tribe.

One day, Daragang Magayon strolled near the river. While crossing the river, she stumbled on a rock and fell quickly in the water. She was swiftly swept down stream by the current.

“Help! Help me!” she cried. Fortunately, her cries were heard by Pangaronon (the proud one) and his bodyguard Amihan (the cold one). Pangaronon jumped into the river and saved Daragang Magayon.

“Thank you for risking your life to save me”, she cried. “How can I repay you? My father is the chief of our tribe. Surely, he will reward your heroism whatever it may take.”

Her beauty immediately captivated Pangaronon. He realized that he had finally met the perfect woman for him. At the same time, Daragang Mayon was instantly attracted to him.

Panganoron asked Makusog’s permission to marry Daragang Magayon. But Makusog could not permit them to marry. Tribal law forbade marriage outside of the clan. As tribe leader he had to enforce the law. Yet, as a father, he wanted to make his daughter happy.

Meanwhile, Patuga (the eruptive one) learned about Panganoron’s intention. Patuga was the most ardent suitor of Daragang Magayon. For years, he had been convincing her to marry him, but to no avail.

One night, Patuga and his cohorts kidnapped Makusog. Then, he sent word to Daragang Magayon that her father would die if she did not marry him. Without a choice, she acceded. Only then did Patuga release Makusog. Soon Patuga and Daragang Magayon were wed. But in the midst of the merrymaking, pandemonium broke out when Panganoron and his men arrived. Fighting ensued between the two tribes. In a few minutes, Panganoron fatally struck Patuga. However, during the skirmish, a poisoned arrow shot from nowhere, fell on Daragang Magayon’s breast.

Panganoron rushed to her aid and as he kneeled over the dying Daragang Magayon, an enemy hacked his head off.

After the battle, Daragang Magayon was buried and her death was mourned all over the land. Where she was put to rest, a mountain mysteriously appeared.

This mountain is now known as Mayon. It is said that even in death and in another form, she is still haunted by the men who loved her. When Mayon is said to erupt, this is Patuga challenging Panganoron. But when Mayon is calm, Panganoron is embracing her. The tears of Panganoron are shed as rain at times in his grief.

Until today, many are still delighted by the love story behind the legend of the Mayon Volcano.