Snake learns his lesson the hard way after trying to eat a porcupine

Out of all the animals in the world, it seems like snakes are one of the vicious ones. Snakes like pythons can devour a crocodile and kill it in seconds. Although snakes can really be as dangerous as the other wild animals, its carelessness and greedy nature sometimes could really put in them in harm and turn their offense against them.

That being said, a video is now circulating across the internet of an injured snake after getting pierced after devouring a porcupine in Brazil. In the video you can see the Boa Constrictor squirming, as multiple numbers of white spikes being pierced to its body from the inside after attempting to devour a porcupine.

The snake appears to be in pain and even became worse when it defended itself from a barking dog. The reptile slithers and thrashes for almost two minutes, while a man records its pain.

The clip was then later uploaded in a video-sharing platform known as the Liveleak and has garnered a lot of attention from the netizens.

It later gained mixed reactions from netizens. Some pity the snake, while others finds the video a good laugh while making fun of the snake’s situation.

See the bizarre video here.