Soldier requested to bomb his location so enemies surrounding him in Marawi would be killed too

In times of troubles and distractions, there is always that someone we can call a hero. A hero who did even just a very simple act just to help those in need. Each of us can actually be a hero of our own, if and only if we are willing enough to help and give up our own lives if necessary, in order for our fellow to be safe.

Just like what happened in Marawi City. Many were injured and died in that bombing incident, but plenty of heroes also come out and helped in their own ways. One of those who became heroes in their own ways is the 24-year-old Private First Class (PFC) Dhan Ryan Bayot.

He was one of those who died in the Marawi siege and Bayot was killed on May 24, the second day of the battle. But only lately that his heroism act and dying for the country is shared on social media.

According to a Facebook page, Bayot’s team is consists of 9 soldiers from the 51st Infantry Battalion and was stationed in a detachment in Brgy. Lilod, Marawi City last May 24. They were sent there upon the mayor’s request for added security for his place is just near the area.

They were then attacked by the enemies. Soldiers were surprised of the shots coming from both sides of the road which includes the mayor’s house. Evidently,  the mayor’s house may had be taken over or his bodyguards may have taken the sides of the enemies.

Soon after, five of Bayot’s companions were killed, three managed to escape but then learned later that they were also shot, living him alone to defend himself. He called for assistance, the reinforcement had tried twice in getting through but it was hard for them, because the passage was heavily taken by the terrorists.

Sensing that danger is more possible than being rescued, Bayot requested his commander to bomb his location. “Bombahin nalang ninyo ang location ko Sir!,”(Just bomb my location Sir!) were the last words heard from him.

Their dead bodies were then retrieved four days after they were killed, on May 28. One of the retrievers of his dead body was his father, Sgt. Larry Bayot of the Division Reconnaissance Company of the 1st Infantry Division. Surprisingly, his father found no bullet wounds on his body instead a deep bolo cut on his neck. Presumably, the terrorists may have tried to behead him while he was escaping.

His family was then awarded with a posthumous medal for his loss, P250,000 cash, and a pledge of fund for his surviving younger family’s education.

This act of PFC Bayot is one thing that will always be remembered. He gave up his own life just to help in arresting the terrorists, indeed he’s one of a kind hero.

SOURCE: Kicker Daily