My Son Died for This Damn Plant It Is Urgent That Everyone Knows, Kills a Child In 1 Minute and an Adult in 15!

A common household and office plant often seen in establishments as an ornament has been discovered to be potentially dangerous and life-threatening after a 5-year old accidentally consumed its leaves. The toxic plant is so potent it can kill a child in less than a minute and an adult in just 15 minutes if left untreated.

The poisonous plant known as Dieffenbachia Amoena hides toxic in its decorative leaves which registered about 60,000 cases of poisoning with children according to a 2006 data from the U.S.

After consuming the plant, the 5-year old experienced difficulty in breathing and skin patches along with a swelling tongue.

The boy was rushed immediately to the hospital but unfortunately wasn’t able to make it. The parents decided to request blood samples and doctors discovered large doses of a chemical called calcium oxalate in the child’s body which led to his death. Since then, critical information about the plant has been spread in order to avoid such accidents from happening again especially in children.

Doctors recommend cleaning the mouth immediately and drink milk before consulting a physician. Parents and owners of the plant are advised to be aware of the potential dangers to prevent poisoning and death.