Son greets mum with a very long mother’s day message, her response makes everyone laughs so hard

Our mothers are also our teachers, nurses, lawyers, superheroes, shoulders to cry on and most especially, best friends. We may always run to them even on the most difficult times of our lives. We can always rely on them if we need someone to talk to. They are always behind our backs no matter what.

This viral mother’s day message of a loving son and the epic reply of the beloved mother have undoubtedly made the day of many netizens who have seen it. They even tagged their friends and mothers, claiming that the said post was very likely to their situations.

In a post made by a netizen named Cladgedon Argawanon, he uploaded the screenshots of his message for his mom last mother’s day. He claimed that he exerted his best efforts to say all his thoughts and feelings for his beloved mom who loved and took care of their family. But in return, he just got a very epic reply. Here is the screenshot of the said viral mother’s day message.

He captioned it as: “YUNG BINUHOS MO LAHAT NG EFFORT.”



It is true that we can’t always have all the things that we want. Maybe, Mr. Argawanon expected a little bit of ‘dramatic’ reply message from his mom as common as those received by others. But what we can imply here is that the mother’s reply means that she has already appreciated all the son’s efforts and love. No need to further elaborate. Maybe it is a ‘rare’ case because most of the moms are kind of ‘emotional’ and essayists when it comes to things like this.

But, we can’t still deny the fact that even how much we are ‘disappointed’ on our mother’s acts or speeches, we still love them and think of them as the one of the most beautiful women in the world. All mothers are indeed loving and caring. They are the real rock stars of the whole wide world.

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