Sorcerer kidnaps 6-month-old baby and used for black magic sacrifice in order for a couple to have a baby

Just recently in Jharkhand, Eastern India, a six-month-old baby was allegedly kidnapped and ritually murdered by a sorcerer and a man who helped him.

Karmu Kalindi, the sorcerer had told Bhadohi Kalindi that in order for him and his wife to have a baby of their own, they have to slaughter a new born baby in a ritual fashion that would appease a god and help them.

The helpless baby was then cut with a dagger at a burning ghat-a small fire by a holy river that is used for cremation – and then put into the flames.

The duo Karmu Kalindi and Bhadohi Kalindi was then arrested and remanded to judicial custody. However, police are yet to recover the child’s body. The accused then had told the police they have buried the body of the baby on a river bed after dripping the blood into the burning ghat.

Sub-divisional police officer Sandip Bhagat said that they have solved the child-theft mystery, and the dagger they had used for the sacrifice has been recovered.

Parents of the girl Subhash Gope and Parvati Gope said some unknown men abducted their child when they were sleeping in their house keeping the doors open to beat the heat. But actually, Karmu, the sorcerer, is the next door neighbor of the Gopes, while Bhadohi is from a neighboring village.

Though police say, the two were arrested from a neighboring village, reliable sources told Hindustan Times that police apprehended them from West Bengal’s Purulia district where Karmu’s relatives have been flourishing by practicing sorcery.

Villagers said Gopes also visited a couple of sorcerers to seek their help in locating their missing child.

Parents of the child then wanted gallows for their child’s killers.