Spilled liquid inside phone case left woman with blistered legs

While it is already a trend especially for millenials to have the latest gadget on their hands, another plus point is how chic and stylish your mobile phone case is. Ofcourse there are plenty of designs of mobile cases in the market but, it is up to one’s taste and preference on what kind fits their lifestyle.

May it be your favorite singer, actor, TV show, movie, cartoon character or just any random object, name it and mobile phone case manufacturers surely have it.

However, there is a certain kind of mobile case that is now making round online after its alleged ‘health risk’ that could leave one person scared for the rest of his life.

Facebook user Jessilyn Rodriguez recently shared a rather disturbing story about her co-worker. According to the post, the said unnamed co-worker had this glittery mobile phone case with some sort of liquid inside. It got a small crack while it was stored in the co-worker’s front pocket.

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As a result, the liquid inside the phone case went all over her leg and caused some sort of ‘holes’ in her legs. It was also stated in the post that although the incident happened a few weeks ago, the ‘holes’ in her skin are still present.

Rodriguez also warned everyone who owns the same type of phone case to get rid of it as soon as possible in order to avoid the unfortunate experience that the unnamed co-worker suffered from.

Here is the full post. Spread this too so everyone will be informed.

H/T: Rachfeed.com