Student lost his wallet while taking a jeepney for school, hero driver did the unthinkable

We all have been there, losing our wallets or accidentally left it at home and only noticed it when we are about to use cash to buy or pay for our ride. This is exactly what happened to one student who lost his wallet and only noticed it when he was trying to pay for the fare on his way to school.

Facebook user John Erick Ami shared a story that definitely inspired not only the social media platform users, but the whole world in general.

On his post, he narrated the whole scenario he was in, as he was riding a jeepney on his way to school and was ready to pay for the fare. Unfortunately for John Erick, he realized that his wallet is nowhere to be found and the only cash he has was ₱3 inside his pocket.

After finding out he was broke, he then sat behind the driver’s seat and asked the driver if he could only pay ₱3 for his fare. He honestly thought that the driver would blow his gasket and get angry, but what happened next really surprised John Erick.

Not only does the driver allow him to pay for only ₱3, but also gave him ₱30 and said that the boy may not be able to reach home later.

John Erick’s post has now gone viral spawning about 56,233 shares on Facebook. Many netizens were amazed by the jeepney driver’s kindness and gave him a well deserved admiration.

This is just one proof that not all heroes wear capes, they can also be just someone who drives a jeepney for a living.