Subway passenger plucks out curly hair from his pants and sprinkles it to the sleeping woman next to him

We often see photos or videos of malicious acts done by various people in a public place, such as – the public train. As we know, trains are both fast and an accessible means of transport for people from all walks of life.

But, how would you feel when you realize someone beside you on a train is doing horrible things without you knowing it?

Just like what a Netizen managed to capture in a train in China.

In the video, a man appears to yank out his pubic hair and seemingly sprinkles them on top of a woman’s head.

The disgusting scene unfolded on board a subway train somewhere in the country.

The Chinese man is seen clutching a can of soda before he begins his dirty work.

The revolting scene unfolded on board a subway train somewhere in the country as a fellow passenger watched onThe man stares at the woman while rummaging around

As he looks around to check whether someone is watching him, he seemingly plucks out one of his pubic hairs.

Staring intently at the plucked strand the man then raises his hand and tosses it on top of the woman's headĀ 

He then stared intently on the plucked strand, then re raises his hand and tossed it on top of the head of the woman beside him.

Seemingly proud of his achievement, the man can't help but later reach for another and sprinkle it over the woman

Seemingly happy with what he has done, he reaches for another one and sprinkles it again over the woman.

He then disguises as though he was combing his hair in case someone saw what he was doing.

He brushes through his hair with his hand but is unaware that he is being recorded by a fellow passengerĀ 

Little did he know that someone in the crowd of people is recording his creepy dead.

The next time you ride a subway, or a train, or a jeepney, or any public transport, be vigilant enough to see what your fellow passengers are doing!

Source: DailyMail