“Sugod bahay gang” eats busily at the winners table like their own while doing their interview

We always admire the celebrities who still keep their feet on the ground no matter how high people look up to them or how famous they are. After all, humility is a virtue and that no one could take it away from anyone.

We sure know many celebrities who exhibited their humility in an unexpected way but, Eat Bulaga hosts Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Paolo Ballesteros, and Maine Mendoza just took it to another notch.

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In the November 8 episode of the noontime show in their “Juan for All, All for Juan” segment, the three were the remote hosts where they were tasked to go to the residence of the segment’s winner and do the “Sugod-Bahay.”

In this part, the hosts will interview the winner and later on, give them gifts and other prizes.

When they went into the house of the winner, they came in the perfect timing where the mother was cooking lunch for her children.

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Jose Manalo started eating the fried chicken that the mom cooked and paired it with rice. Maine sat beside him and also did the same. Then, Paolo and Wally followed.

They ate joyfully and at the same time throw jokes at the mother. The overjoyed mom also cheerfully told them stories about her family and their daily life.

The other family members also helped in serving food to the hosts. It was genuine fun just watching them.

In the end, the mother was awarded cash and other prizes which include appliances and etc.

Watch the full video below: