“Sugod bahay” winner thanks ABS-CBN and hosts reaction are gold!

Part of Eat Bulaga’s everyday show is the segment entitled: “Juan for all: All for Juan” where selected hosts go to the house of a lucky winner which they call the “Sugod Bahay” part then they provide the family with prizes both in goods and in cash.

Through this segment, Eat Bulaga already managed to help a lot of people who are in dire need of assistance and the lucky winners were all thankful for the prizes that are given to them.

However, in the December 4 episode of the show, the lucky Sugod Bahay winner made quite a small mistake during her thank you speech to the hosts and the show as a whole.

This is how the whole scene went:

Sugod Bahay Winner: (After receiving sixty thousand pesos) Bossing maraming salamat, Joey marami pong salamat, sa lahat ng staff sa ABS-CBN
Jose: Hindi po ABS ito. Eat Bulaga po.
Winner: (Corrected her statement) Eat Bulaga.
Jose: Ano po bang pinapanood ninyo?
Winner: Wala po akong TV.

Vic: At magbabalik tayo sa ABS-CBN.
Alden: Bossing!

The hosts all felt a little awkward with the statement but they still managed to get over it by just laughing it off.

Although the winner honestly made a mistake maybe because of her unexplainable feeling after winning such a huge amount, it sure was a hilarious feat especially to the viewers.

Watch the awkward video below:

H/T: Lionheatv