Super Tekla pleads for justice over the death of his OFW sister in Kuwait

Comedians whose work revolves on making people laugh are humans too. They can sometimes feel sad too over an event that greatly impacts their existence. Just like what happened to the famous Filipino Comedian Romero Librada or more commonly known by his stage name, Super Tekla.

In a Facebook post, Super Tekla shares that he does not believe that his sister named Mariefe Librada who works as an OFW in Kuwait committed suicide because she has no reason to do so. Super Tekla insists that he will do everything in order to gain justice for her death and capped off the post with the #JUSTICEFORMARIEFELIBRADA.

Here is the full post:

Super Tekla also posted a live video on Facebook where he appealed to the embassy and the government to investigate the unfortunate death of his beloved sister.

“We will be able to accept it if she really committed suicide. We can do nothing about that, but we would be glad if we would be given the chance to get a glimpse of how my sister lived in Kuwait so that we could also prevent future incidents that may involve fellow Filipinos who strive to work hard abroad but were abused by their employees and deaths are just disguised as suicide,” Tekla said.

According to GMA News, Tekla is now in Canada for several pre-scheduled shows but he promised to imeediately go home to the Philippines to pay his respect for the last time to his sister. Tekla also thanked the people who extended their condolences and sympathy to his family.

Watch the live video of Super Tekla below: