Superstitious woman throws coins into plane’s propeller to bring good luck to her flight

When taking an airline flight, you have to really be early on board before its departure. Most of the times the airline companies do their best just to be early to satisfy their customers’ needs. But we can’t deny the fact that there are many delays when it comes to airline travels. Mostly because of the flight’s safety.

A recent news which comes out in China talks about how the flight was delayed for four hours because of the superstitious passenger who threw coins to the plane’s engine for good luck at China Southern Airline in Shanghai. The passenger was known to be a pensioner 80-year-old woman.

The passenger involved has been immediately taken by the police for further investigation. And according to China Southern Airlines, their maintenance had conducted a full exam on the plane’s engine to make sure that the flight is still safe. Weibo also confirmed that the incident happened at around noon.

The passenger was then identified with a surname Qiu. Ms. Qiu threw nine coins into the left engine of the plane as he ascended the stairs of the plane in the Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The other air passengers then reported her to the airport police.

And airport police said eight of the coins missed their target but one got into the engine. The elderly woman then was known to be travelling with her husband, daughter and son-in-law. She was also confirmed to have no previous criminal records and no history of mental illness.

Qiu said that she just threw those coins to pray for safety and her neighbor confirmed that she’s a Buddhist. The plane then resume its route four hours later than the scheduled departure time.

Source: Daily Mail