Survey says that your Facebook friends don’t really care about your travel photos

Facebook is really one of the most used social media site nowadays. Many people are just literally engaged into it and would even make it as their daily activity. In Facebook you are free to post, comment and share whatever you have in mind. But as far as Facebook is going now, people somehow go beyond what is recommended.

Meaning, their lives seem to circulate on Facebook wherein they are posting different stuffs and things in just a day. They would take selfies and groufies every minute and post it on Facebook. Some would even make it as their diaries in life-to-life basis.

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Others would post their selfies and different destinations that they’ve been to. Well, there are really some whose pictures are so much engaging but there are also some which are irritating. But are you one of those Facebook users who are fun of posting taken selfies and pictures on different destinations?

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If you are, then here are some things which you must know about it. According to a survey done by AVIVA, Facebook users are not happy seeing photos related with vacation which are posted by their friends on Facebook. This is shocking but this is what comes out to a survey done by AVIVA.

Because of this, RMN Iloilo is telling everyone to think twice before posting on Facebook these travel photos and vacation selfies that we have.

According to their survey, 73% of the respondents felt irritated when seeing vacation photos posted by their friends. Because there is an impression saying that when you post your vacation photos, you’re only bragging about it or others are just doing a humble brag. This of course isn’t true for all.

Now RMN Iloilo is telling Facebook users that the next time they go for a vacation, enjoy the trip first, and  just post the exciting and wonderful travel and vacation later because others are not that excited in seeing the escapades except for the immediate family of course.

This survey is somehow true to some but others would really disagree with it, because they are saying that the reason why they’re posting their vacation photos is just to share the beauty of nature that they have experienced. Well, whether the survey is true to all or not, we better minimize our posting moments.