Sushi model attacks customer for allegedly groping her

In every place or country, we have customs and traditions being followed. We are known for our traditions that differ from another. These traditions help in making the country live for what they believe.

One of the traditions in China is eating sushi off a waitress. This is one old tradition in  Taiyuan City, China’s Shanxi province which is having a woman lying on the table with Japanese raw fish scattered over her body. The costumers then have to pick sushi from her.

On the footage the woman can be seen lying on the table wearing flesh-colored underwear with sushi on her body. But seconds later, she can be seen sitting on the table and starting an argument with the customer.

She then tried to throw food at the young customer wearing blue and white polo shirt and jeans. But the man involved in the incident, reportedly a fourth year student at Shanxi University told reporters that he was paid to touch her inappropriately.

Commonly, sushi waitress are being hired by the restaurant to have sushi served off her body.

Watch the full video here:

The man involved told reporters:

”The restaurant found the model through her agent to attend a show, then the model contacted me as we are quite close friends. The owner told her to act as the model and me as a customer and pretend to have a fight. We got paid 300 yuan (£34) but we didn’t know this would turn out to be a viral video online. And now he doesn’t want to admit that he paid us to act as a show.”

But the restaurant has denied this issue.

Originally, the practice of eating sushi from a woman’s body is believed to start in Japan. And the model is still expected to lie at all times. But many people have now criticized the tradition and naming it as objectifying and humiliating.

SOURCE: Daily Mail