Tall guy notices short GF having bruises all over her body, the reason behind made him want to marry her FOR REAL

This love confession posted online by FEU Secret Files just made the netizens ask this ‘simple’ but very ‘complicated’ question: “Does Height Really Matters?”

FEU Secret Files is undoubtedly one of the most popular confessional spaces in the social media nowadays. According to a featured article made by Rappler entitled, “The Secret Files: Everybody’s got something to hide,”… these pages work as confessional spaces where students talk about raunchy on-campus adventures, clandestine crushes on near-strangers, and the best places to do the number two. While each page caters to a different university, they function the same way. All pages use anonymous Google forms, which, at the minimum, asks for the secret and a pseudonym from the student.”

This is maybe the reason why many students and readers are more likely enjoying what they are seeing in this space. They could send their own stories, no matter how ‘controversial’ these are, and they can still hide their own identity.

But this confession made by a self claimed Basketball player is way different than other confessions being shared in the said page. This is the screenshot of the said confession post:

Photo courtesy of FEU Secret Files

For all the people out there who really love their ‘significant other’, height is really a non-issue. Love will always work beyond aesthetics, mainly because how we see ‘beauty’ in the person that we love is not solely based on physical aspects but rather on the beauty of their heart. And if you find that one person, let me quote the confession sender.

“Marry that person FOR REAL!”

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