Taxi driver gets $2.2k tip of a lifetime from famous passenger he didn’t recognize

Taxi drivers work day and night in order to provide the needs of their family. However, it is a sad truth that despite their hardwork, what they earn is still not enough to sustain their family.

Just like this taxi driver who was about to lose his house after he received a foreclosure notice for not being able to pay his mortgage loan.

To kill the boredom and stay up despite being tired from driving all day, he happens to share his problem from one of his customers. Little did he know, the said passenger will be the one to save him from all his problems.

Pedro, drives a cab in the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada. The taxi driver that he is, he easily shared all his problems to his passenger, who happens to be Quincy Amarikwa, a famous soccer player of the San Jose Earthquakes, a team from San Jose, California.

Quincy, was greatly blessed in 2016 as he received a huge increase in his paycheck, that is about 160% from the previous year. He also managed to to come back after months of medical leave for a surgery on some of his torn ligaments. That is why he had a lot of blessings to share.

After hearing Pedro’s woes, Quincy wrote him a generous $2.2k check at the end of the ride. He further told the driver that he doesn’t have to pay him back but he should just ‘pay it forward.’

Pedro said that he was lucky enough and that Quincy is a blessing from God.

The taxi driver will never forget the kindness that the passenger showed him. He was able to save his house, with the help of a stranger.

Source: Buzzflare