This teacher admired by thousands after doing this during his students’ exam

In some schools, students see their teacher as a scary and somewhat of a terror human being, this sort of situation even made it to cartoon series such as Disney’s Recess. In this cartoon, the students are really terrified by one teacher named Ms. Finster as she kept on being strict to most of the students, especially the series’ main antagonists.

However, that is not always the case, for there are also teachers who are not only nice, but also know how mingle with their students for them not to be pressured or scared.

A teacher by the name of Mark Philip Costales Javier, posted on his Facebook account his way of encouraging his students as they are about to take their exam probably later that day.

In the photos he posted, it can be seen that he is pushing his students to do better on their exams by leaving a piece of note on every chair that says: “Good Luck sa exam anak,” alongside three pieces of sweets.

Seeing this, many of the netizens admired teacher Javier’s methods of teaching and that instead of adding pressure to his students, he is kind enough to boost their confidence and believing in what his students can do in the exam.

Do you have a teacher like sir Javier? It’s teachers like this who can really change a student’s point of view towards teachers and will make them even more excited to go to school everyday.