Teddy Corpuz pokes fun at Anne Curtis backstage on It’s Showtime

The hosts and staff of It’s Showtime already consider themselves as apart of a big family. It is evident in every live broadcast they air, especially when hosts try to tease each other with their inside jokes. This bond that they have somehow also gives their viewers a feeling of being also a part of their family as a whole.

There has also been quite a lot of videos online which shows that the hosts also try to make fun of each other even when they are not on air. Just like this viral video of Anne Curtis and Teddy Corpuz.

In the short clip,shared by the Youtube Channel Trendz Today, it can be seen that Teddy is holding up his phone as if waiting for someone to come. In the background, Anne’s voice can already be heard.

It turns out that Teddy is hiding in one of the walls so that he could surprise Anne. When he hears Anne’s voice, he suddenly shouted causing Anne to look in his direction.

Anne was really shocked as her face says and it was really clever for Teddy to do such act but the “always game” person that Anne is, she just laughed it off and even walked with Teddy on their way to It’s Showtime’s studio.

It’s really funny to see our favorite artists gain genuine happiness from the people around them especially that their jobs can be really stressful and there is also the fact that one may find it hard to gain true friends in the showbiz industry.

Watch the whole video below: