Teddy Corpuz proposes and marries long-time partner again live on “It’s Showtime”

It’s Showtime, in celebration of its 8th anniversary has this “Magpasikat” segment where hosts are divided into groups and will perform a unique production number to entertain the madlang people. The hosts are also judged based on their performances and the winner will have a charity to donate their winnings to.

Today, Team Vice, Teddy and Jugs are set to perform on the It’s Showtime stage and they sure surprised everyone with their unexpected performance.

The Production number started with Teddy, disguised as an old man and is forced by his grandchildren to tell them a lovestory.

Jugs then started off with singing a love song while hashtags and girltrends are performing a sweet dance on the background.

It was then the turn of the Unkabogable star, Vice Ganda. Vice sang while wearing a “doble-kara” outfit. That of a groom on the front side and that of a bride on the back side.

The comedian also performed a self-composed reverse poetry. A poetry which can be read forwards and backwards and have different meaning when read either way.

Then, it was Teddy’s time to showcase his talent, he sang his heart out.

The madlang people were all surprised when Teddy’s long time partner, JasmineĀ  was focused on the screen. Teddy was in tears during this time, especially when he bend his knee to ask for Jasmine’s hand.

Teddy Corpuz marries again in Showtime Magpasikat 2017

Jas said “Yes” and their wedding was held on live TV, causing people to cry happy tears and fill their hearts with love.

Watch the video here: