Teenager fell off while doing bungee jumping due staff’s error

Who wouldn’t want themselves to be involved in something adventurous despite of the possibility of putting yourselves in danger, there are some people who dares to be fearless and do it anyways.

Now, a video has recently shocked the Chinese social media when a video of a bungee jumping teenager almost fell to her death after the bungee cord and the young girl got separated resulting her to fall hard into the river below the jumping area.

The horrific incident was said to have occurred last Friday afternoon at the Shidu Natural Park in the southwestern suburbs of Beijing, China.

Fortunately, the 17-year old girl involved in the said the incident has surprisingly survived the fall without suffering any serious injuries.

After the incident, the park where the incident happened revealed to reporters that the bungee cord itself and the equipment had not broken, but instead it was the operators who set the rope incorrectly resulting to the young lady’s horrifying fall.

This sort of thing seems fun to be honest, but there are safety measures needed to be done and to secure the users well-being. The girl may be lucky for surviving such fall, but always remember to think twice before getting yourself in such a dangerous stunt.

SOURCE: Shanghaiist